.: Advisory Board of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists

The Advisory Board of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists

Pedro de Freitas, MD, PhD
Physician, Psychotherapist and Sexologist.  Founder of the American-Portuguese Sexology Institute*

Erwin Haeberle, PhD, EdD
Founder and President, Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology at Humboldt University Berlin, Germany, founder of the world's largest elearning website*

Shere Hite, PhD
International award winning research scientist in sexology, author of the critically acclaimed Hite Reports on Male and Female Sexuality"

Hu Peicheng, MD, PhD
Professor of Medical Psychology at Peking University, Beijing, China Chairman-Chinese Medical Psychology Education Society, Secretary-General - China Sexology Association*

Ian Kerner, PhD
New York Times best selling author of She Comes First, AOL sexology advise columnist on sexuality and relationships, “America’s hippest young sexologist” New York Times*

Heba Kotb, MD, PhD
“Arab worlds leading sexologist” Wall Street Journal.  Host of the Big Talk, the Arab world’s premiere and most popular television show dealing with sexology*

Rachael Ross, MD, PhD
Physician, sexologist.  Founder of Ask Dr. Rachael, first and most popular website designed for African-Americans, “The Oprah Winfrey of Sex” Google searches*

Cesar Sabroso
Vice President-Marketing – A&E, the History Channel/Biography*

James Walker, PhD, FAACS
President, American Board of Sexology, Fellow-American Academy of Clinical Sexologists*

*For identification purpose only


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